Architect Board

The Clear Measure Architect Board is a personal, intense venue for professional development.

The mission is to provide architects with a small, personal group of peers that will challenge them, strengthen them, and hold them accountable, making them a more effective software leader.


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Architects are software leaders and benefit from collaborating with other leaders.

Architects are also called:

  • Lead developer
  • Development manager
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • VP of Engineering

Architects typically lack peers at their level in their company. They face unique challenges without collaboration opportunities. And the executive they report to sometimes doesn’t know how to help or guide. Finally, most architects don’t have a clear professional development path provided for them. They are on their own.

What To Expect

  • The board will be conducted in an appropriate boardroom so that every person has a seat at the table.
  • The board meetings will be 2-days in length, starting at 7:30am and typically ending by 7pm.
  • Each architect will have 2 hours to present a board report to the board, answer questions, and discussion options for solving issues presented.
  • Board membership is a 1-year commitment with 3 meetings per year.
  • In between board meetings, members are encouraged and have the opportunity to collaborate in smaller groups as well as interact with Jeffrey Palermo.


Complete the form, and we will reach out to you.