Though it can be one of the most feared actions a software company makes, don’t be afraid to automate software deployments.

With the latest versions of Visual Studio, Microsoft opened up the compiler black box with the Roslyn compiler allowing developers to have full access.

“Business as usual” while working remotely. You need quick, simple solutions to put into place.

Adding code coverage to your CI build is as simple as adding a new task to your build script.

Learn about the PowerShell tab-completion feature and how Register-ArgumentCompleter gives you more control over app development and management.

Learn how to use the PowerShell tab-completion feature to create dynamic parameters that change the values for tab completion at runtime.

Have you used Cypress for E2E testing or acceptance testing? It does the same browser-centric testing as Selenium, but it runs in your code loop.

The Onion DevOps Project Template helps you to get up and running with end-to-end Onion DevOps sample code and AzDo pipelines.

When it comes to being powerful with Git, there’s still (often) no beating the command line by leveraging Git aliases. Here are some we won’t live without.

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