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Automated Database Deployments from Octopus Deploy

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In this blog series, Bob Walker from Octopus Deploy explores automating database deployments and walks through the process of setting up database lifecycle management. He provides some real-world examples using a variety of database deployment tools and discusses some common pitfalls you might run into.

  1. Automated database deployments series kick off – An introduction to the challenges (there’s quite a few) and benefits of automating your database deployments.
  2. Automated database deployments iteration zero – Exploring the different approaches to automating database deployments, moving to dedicated databases, communication, and building trust.
  3. Automated database deployments using state based Redgate SQL change automation – A detailed tutorial on how to set-up an automated database deployment pipeline using the state-based approach and Redgate tooling.
  4. Using ad-hoc scripts in your automated database deployment pipeline – Another detailed tutorial on how to set up an automated deployment pipeline to execute ad-hoc database scripts (i.e. minor data fixes etc) in a safe and repeatable way.

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