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Clear Measure Launches New Azure DevOps Podcast

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Azure DevOps experts Clear Measure announce brand new Azure DevOps Podcast, available on all major podcast platforms

AUSTIN, September 14, 2018 –Clear Measure today announced the new Azure DevOps Podcast, hosted by Microsoft MVP and Azure DevOps expert Jeffrey Palermo. Clear Measure is proud to sponsor this new podcast, focused on strategy, tactics and expert advice all around Azure DevOps, devops, and related Microsoft technologies (like VSTS).

“I’m excited to share these Azure DevOps insights with developers around the world,” said Jeffrey Palermo, host and Clear Measure CEO. “Listeners will gain practical, actionable advice from our experience and expertise in Azure, DevOps, efficient software development, Microsoft VSTS, and related technologies mixed with the unmatched insights from our guests.”

Featured on the 2018 Inc. 5000, Clear Measure works with companies worldwide to build and implement Azure DevOps best practices and streamline their software development processes. The Palermo-hosted Azure DevOps Podcast features not only his insights from this experience, but also the ideas, advice and practical tips from podcast guests.

The first episode, features Buck Hodges, Director of Engineering, Microsoft Azure DevOps. Hodges and Palermo discuss not only the Azure DevOps announcement and its five main services (Pipelines, Boards, Artifacts, Repose, and Test Plans), but also what it means for Microsoft’s commitment to open source. Also, they discuss how the new announcement affects and reflects how the Azure DevOps team itself is structured – with some insights and takeaways from the experience.

Find the Azure DevOps podcast at https://www.clear-measure.com/community/podcast or on your favorite podcast source: iTunes, Stitcher, and more.

More about Clear Measure

Clear Measure, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, is a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in building and modernizing software applications built with any version of Microsoft technologies. Whether its customers need custom development or expert advice to improve team productivity, its experience is essential. Clear Measure focuses on all Microsoft technologies, but especially on Azure, Azure DevOps, DevOps, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), Visual Studio, containers, and more.


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