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Our Next Webinar will be February 23, 2023 @ 1:30pm CDT

Why your software team can’t move fast!
(The secret is hidden in plain sight.)

If you struggle with increasing the delivery speed of your software team (or if you’re just “asking” for a friend), the secret may be hidden in plain sight.

You may have tried everything. You may have added more engineers. You may have added a support role. You may have implemented agile principles and sent the team to training. You may faithfully conduct retrospectives asking the team what they need to be productive.

But what happens when the pace of delivery still moves at the pace of molasses? Why is the team spending most of its time fixing bugs, diagnosing production issues, or missing estimates on new changes?

This webinar will shed light on the causes of slow software team delivery, enabling you to make the changes necessary. This webinar will equip you to increase the delivery speed of your software team.

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