Executive Webinar Series

Our Next Executive Series Webinar will be June 29th @ 1:30pm CDT (-5 UTC)

Deliver Twice as Fast with half the People

Every time you look at financial reports, you are reminded how expensive operating a software engineering team is. On top of that, you know you need them, but your gut tells you they should be able to deliver faster, with fewer production disruptions and with a better (fewer) bug rate.

Your team works hard, often working late or on weekends. You need them to move faster. This webinar will focus on changes to processes and practices that empower your team to deliver twice as fast.

In fact, these changes will enable you to get those results even if you reassign half the people to other initiatives.

You’ll come away with a clear understanding of the process changes and additional practices to introduce as well as a team scorecard template that will enable you to monitor the progress while you put the improvements in place.

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