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Our Next Webinar will be Tuesday, April 4th @ 1:30pm CDT

Automating DevOps in Iteration Zero

Once a software project or new application gets going, the focus tends to be on features. The code has been written but not deployed frequently, so the team starts to slow down right from the get-go.

It might be tempting to think you don’t need DevOps automation just yet. But choosing not to put in a particular process is implicitly deciding to put in a manual process.

In this webinar, Clear Measure architects show you how simple and clear automated DevOps can be. Learn how straightforward it is to put it in at the beginning. You will never have a point where you must “stop the bus” and “stop delivering features” to catch up with technical infrastructure that would have been so much easier at the beginning.

The topic will cover the architecture and design thinking of automated DevOps, including deployments using best-of-breed tools, Octopus Deploy, Azure, and Azure Pipelines.

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