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Developer skills needed to be an effective software architect

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I’m one of the MCs at a Microsoft Ignite upcoming Table Talk session at Microsoft Ignite, focused on application development. We’re talking about why we’re excited to be an (application) developer right now – and I wanted to post this and encourage you to add your responses, attend our table talk, and share your own insights and questions around this question: What developer skills do we need to master in order to be an effective software architect?

Here’s my response:

I’m excited to be a development architect right now.
With the explosive growth of the software development industry in recent years, more and more companies are building and operating their own custom software applications. Furthermore, more and more medium-sized business are hiring developers internally. Conversely companies tend to be on the larger end before they hire software architects. This presents both a challenge for the industry and the team but a great opportunity for developers. The leading indicators are already happening to predict a surge in the number of architects needed to support the development projects happening now and in the future. Developers interested in moving into architect roles should be looking at the following skill areas for professional development:

  • Business acumen
  • Design to budget vs. estimation
  • Technology choice as a way to influence team speed
  • Design patterns of 1 and 2 decades ago
  • Practices in the intersection of DevOps and Extreme Programming
  • Serverless infrastructure as code
  • How to get closer to the customer

Are you an experienced developer? Are you interested in an architect role in the future?
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