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Streamlined, Easy, Affordable, and Simple Method to get Your DevOps Environment Setup Right.

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“If you are busy with other priorities or you want more than the online tutorials, we'd love to implement your first automated deployment with Octopus Deploy: showing you the streamlined way forward and cross-training your team so they have the tools and skills necessary to expand and keep it going.”

Jeffrey Palermo, Clear Measure Chief Architect

Octopus Deploy Jumpstart: Investing in Octopus Deploy to handle the automation of deployments is an easy decision. Getting Octopus Deploy installed and configured can be just as easy.

You can:

  • Decrease time-to-market
  • Avoid learning curve mistakes
  • Implement best practices across 7 areas
  • Start on the right track
  • Up-level your team’s skills

As a long-time consulting partner for Octopus Deploy, Clear Measure has streamlined an easy, affordable, and simple method to get your DevOps environment set up with your infrastructure and Octopus Deploy license.

What’s Included:

  • Properly configured Octopus Deploy reference architecture
  • Needed upstream configuration guaranteeing Octopus Deploy has the proper inputs
  • Standard Octopus Deploy Jumpstart using a specially curated Visual Studio application skeleton complete with a SQL Server database and 3 levels of test suites
  • Clear Measure Way best practices across the following seven areas:
    • Infrastructure (including environments, and security)
    • Git Source control best practices that enable the proper deployment functions downstream
    • Private build, empowering developers to run a complete build locally including three levels of test automation as well as local database creation
    • Continuous integration build enabled for a feature branch and pull request workflow
      • Static code analysis enabled as a part of the build
    • Release management configuration that archives deployable release candidate packages just the way Octopus Deploy likes them
    • Deployments across one instance of all three environment types: production, manual test, and test automation environments
    • Runtime observability integrating the logs and telemetry of the application with those of the DevOps automation itself
      • Including a post-deployment automated health check ensuring that all parts of the application are online and healthy
      • A sample runbook configured for maintenance of your production environment
  • Cross-training presentation to your team
  • Implementation planning session

Octopus Deploy Jumpstart

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