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Equip your team with the knowledge to advance your software delivery.

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“While Octopus Deploy has all the deployment power you need, aligning your team across best practices for implementation and management will only propel your organization even further.”

Jeffrey Palermo, Clear Measure Chief Architect

Octopus Deploy Pro-Level Training can be customized specifically for your enterprise team to up-level team members across a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Deploying Applications
    • Environments / Lifecycles
    • Linux and Windows Targets
    • Workers and Worker Pools
    • Project / Project Groups
    • Community Library / Feeds
    • Project Variables / Library Variables
    • Step / Variable Scoping
    • Deployments to Tentacle Targets
    • Deployments to non-Tentacle Targets
    • Deployment Triggers
  • Sharing Project Resources
    • Infrastructure Accounts
    • Script Modules
    • Custom Step Templates
    • Running Scripts from Packages
    • Tenants and Tenant Tags
    • Tenant Variables
    • Source Control Projects
  • Advanced Topics
    • Runbooks
    • Runbook Triggers
    • Prompted Variables
    • Variable Run Conditions
    • Output Variables
    • API Script

After meeting with our Clear Measure representative, a training plan will be created and training scheduled with your team for the appropriate amount of time to ensure your team will be fully equipped to establish quality, achieve stability, and increase speed with Octopus Deploy.

Octopus Deploy Pro-Level Training

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