DevOps Case Studies

Clear Measure has extensive experience building and implementing DevOps solutions for companies in a variety of industries. These are examples of projects we have managed.


Alphapoint is a financial technology company that helps companies digitize assets such as real estate, gold and art so they can be traded using cryptocurrency. Clear Measure applied its DevOps methodology to develop a plan that enabled the DevOps team to fully automate deployments. For Alphapoint, the result was a decrease in cloud deployment time to 4 hours and an 84% increase in productivity. Read the case study.

American Campus Communities

American Campus Communities is the nation’s largest developer, owner and manager of high-quality student housing communities. Since it was using an outdated, massive legacy system Clear Measure’s DevOps consulting services included developing and implementing a plan to modernize the system. This resulted in reduced labor costs and enabled American Campus Communities to expand its business reach. Read the case study.


Biberk, a national corporate insurance provider, inherited a codebase that was not suited to its needs. Clear Measure created an automated pipeline to assist with the timing and frequency of deployments and introduced the use of Azure DevOps as a tool to increase transparency and improve productivity. As a result, Biberk reduced downtime and gained the ability to manage multiple deployments in a single day as well as make incremental software changes on the fly. Read the case study.


Frontier is a provider of supply chain management and warehousing, trucking, shipping, and packaging services. The Clear Measure team applied its DevOps methodology to implement a solution to automate deployments, set up continuous integration with Octopus Deploy and implement Sumo Logic and New Relic for reports and monitoring. This improved system availability, made it possible for Frontier to initiate deployments during business hours and enabled them to monitor system health so they can prevent problems and errors before they occur. Read the case study.

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a world-renowned marketing research, analysis and global consulting firm. Clear Measure’s DevOps consulting services included developing an automated version of a toolkit the company provides to clients and sells to other companies. This has made it possible for Frost & Sullivan to be first to market with a toolkit that clients can use to conduct their own market research. Read the case study.


PinnacleART provides building, maintenance and comprehensive reliability programs for companies in the oil and gas, mining and pharmaceutical industries. As part of its DevOps consulting services, Clear Measure developed a solution to process complex algorithms the company uses to drive its availability modeling process. It also developed new software using Azure DevOps and implemented a new branching and pull request strategy. As a result, PinnacleART can now develop, build and release solutions entirely within the Azure cloud ecosystem and check factories’ processing availability at a glance. Read the case study.


Pinpoint is a consumer health company that provides custom technology to service physicians, caregivers and healthcare networks. Clear Measure applied its DevOps methodology to upgrade the company’s Azure security protocols and implemented an Azure DevOps pipeline to integrate existing software applications. This enabled Pinpoint to reduce deployment time by 96%–from 300 minutes to 11 minutes per deployment. Read the case study.


Solera is a leading global data intelligence firm that provides risk management and asset protection software and services to the automotive and property insurance industries.

Clear Measure modernized existing TeamCity and Octopus Deploy builds and release tools so the company could use the latest features and get support. This eliminated the problems Solera was having with failed builds and it can now build and release software applications with little to no errors. Read the case study.

University of Texas Health & Sciences Center

The University of Texas Health & Sciences Center is one of the largest medical institutions in the southwest. It had seen an increase in the number of users on its Learning Management System (LMS), and Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS), both of which were integrated into CLI Engage. Therefore, it wanted recommendations on how to accommodate current and projected growth. Clear Measure increased the capacity for both systems to improve resiliency and scalability and increased performance by over 600%. Read the case study.

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