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Give your team an automated DevOps Capability

Continuous Delivery using the Clear Measure approach makes automated deployments a non-event.

Your business software should work for you, not against you. We specialize in helping mid-market companies like yours avoid the pitfalls in your move to the cloud. We will make sure your move is smooth, and we’ll fix long-standing problems along the way rather than just perpetuating them long into the future.

We are vetted, premiere partners of Azure DevOps (Microsoft VSTS), JetBrains TeamCity, Redgate, and Octopus Deploy. Our proven DevOps implementation gets you automated in weeks, not months, and we know Microsoft technologies through and through!

By establishing a consistent and automated release process, you reduce your frustration and lost productivity. The results of this are easy and reliable deployments and a surge of productivity so your team can keep up with the needs of the business.

The Solution For

  • High testing and deployment costs
  • Business initiative delays
  • Disruptive defects and regressions
  • Deployment failures and downtime
  • Poor staff productivity


  • Design deployment pipeline & release process
  • Establish reliable test automation
  • Integrate deployment automation across environments
  • Train and equip client staff with knowledge and documentation

Leverage Our Experts

  • Gain mastery of complex and 0 downtime environments
  • Accelerate time to market and help eliminate delays
  • Unlock greater productivity and team scalability
  • Slash testing and deployment costs
  • Cut defects and reduce failure rates

Clear Measure has been a great partner since day one.

“They have worked diligently with my entire organization to ensure our success. The system they have built for us is a critical component of our business platform. Our ongoing relationship is a key pillar to delivering critical business services as we grow.”

Brian Conneen
Marlette Funding

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Your business software should work for you, not against you. Giving your team the right process increases stability and breaks bottlenecks.