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DevOps or Bust! Literally. Company #FAIL?

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DevOps is not a product you can pick up from the store. It is the culmination of a process, tooling and corporate culture. No matter your background, there is no way you haven’t heard of DevOps. Most visibly would be Microsoft’s recent renaming of “Visual Studio Team Services“, formerly “Visual Studio Online”, to “Azure DevOps“. Official details here: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/devops/2018/09/14/top-stories-from-the-microsoft-devops-community-2018-09-14/. Microsoft continues its own digital transformation using their own DevOps process and tools. The widespread availability, maturation of these tools, and the impact they can make on your own digital transformations is exciting.

DevOps is based on the same principles of Agile software development. Both rely on developing a culture of continuous process improvement, powered by fast and direct feedback. DevOps is not just software, it is the practice of
integrating feedback and real-time analysis into the development process. This portion of both Agile and DevOps practices can be applied to practically any process. Over time, there will always be an opportunity for improvement.

In today’s modern, digital age, everything relies on speed. Automating software in the fastest and most adaptive way possible is the primary goal. If you don’t manage to do it quickly and efficiently your competitor will. You can cause irreparable damage to your reputation or worse. The most prominent example is the fall of Knight Capital Group, LLC. Knight Capital had, due to lack of oversight in the deployment process, the slow response to issues and the lack of proper code analysis, bankrupted itself within 45 minutes. In 2012, Apple either ignored or had no feedback and testing procedures in place. Therefore, they suffered a major blow to their reputation due to an issue with Apple Maps. There are numerous examples of digital media and delivery industry shifts, BlockBuster anyone? If you have other examples of similar failures (aka #EPIC #FAILs), please share them in the comments below.

At Clear Measure, your success is important to us. It is one of our core values to be your trusted partner. While you can’t buy DevOps, we can help you and your team get a fast start to your own digital transformation. We know how busy you and your teams are and we have many services that can help; no matter where you are on your DevOps/Digital Transformation journey.

How quickly can you respond to a customer reported issue? Feature request? Industry shift? Can you deploy to production during business hours with no business impact? Is your team manually deploying after hours? Where is your pain?

If you’d like to chat about Azure DevOps Consulting Services or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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