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Your DevOps group is prepared to supply software and deliver its job, but that is a highly complex process.

Enter Octopus Deploy, the best selection for the launch, delivery, and operations portion of DevOps as well as the experts at Clear Measure with extensive proficiency managing Octopus Deploy implementations who supply Octopus Software Release Management so your firm can enjoy the usefulness of automated deliveries that include:

  • Simplification of the complex deployment procedure so customers can conveniently handle software launches and application deliveries on-site and in the cloud.
  • Enhancement of production quality control, be certain that releases have been examined ahead of launch.
  • Capability to schedule future deployments and circumvent defective launches.

Octopus Deploy brings automation into a single location for release manager, operations and developers to streamline the process and Octopus Software Release Management from Clear Measure enable your team to proceed fast with high quality results.

As a key application and advisory associate of Octopus Deploy, Octopus Software Release Management from Clear Measure supply to their clients the capability to develop and launch software apps with infrequent or not any mistakes and automate evaluations and implementation.

Octopus Software Release Management from Clear Measure ensure no longer any unsuccessful builds!

Release Administration With Octopus Deploy - Simple and Accurate!

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