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Your DevOps group is all set to deploy software and release its assignment, yet that is a decidedly complex operation.

Enter Octopus Deploy, the top choice for the release, implementation, and operations part of DevOps as well as the experts at Clear Measure with widespread expertise managing Octopus Deploy implementations who supply Software Release Services so your firm can appreciate the benefits of automatic implementations that contain:

  • Simplification of the involved delivery activity so clients can effortlessly handle software launches and application deliveries on-premises and remotely.
  • Improvement of production quality control, be certain that releases have been analyzed before usage.
  • Ability to arrange for prospective implementations and avoid inoperable launches.

Octopus Deploy gathers automation into one site for operations, developers, and release managers to uncomplicate the operation and Software Release Services from Clear Measure allow your team to move quickly with excellent results.

As a key application and advisory partner of Octopus Deploy, Software Release Services from Clear Measure offer their clients the capability to build and release software apps with infrequent or not any errors plus computerize evaluations and implementation.

Software Release Services from Clear Measure guarantee no longer any unsuccessful builds!

Release Administration With Octopus Deploy - Effortless and Precise!

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