Octopus Deploy Case Studies

Clear Measure has extensive experience managing Octopus Deploy implementations for companies in a variety of industries. These are examples of projects we have managed.


Frontier is a provider of supply chain management and warehousing, trucking, shipping and packaging services. The Clear Measure team implemented a solution to automate testing and deployments, set up continuous integration with Octopus Deploy and set up Sumo Logic and New Relic for reports and monitoring. This improved system availability made it possible for Frontier to initiate deployments during business hours and enabled them to monitor system health so they can prevent problems and errors before they occur. Read the case study.


Solera is a leading global data intelligence firm that provides risk management and asset protection software and services to the automotive and property insurance industries.

Clear Measure modernized existing TeamCity and Octopus Deploy builds and release tools so the company could use the latest features and get support. This eliminated the problems Solera was having with failed builds. So, it can now build and release software applications with few or no errors and automate testing and deployment. Read the case study.


Vector is a leading eLearning company that delivers educational software as a service (SAAS) through its award-winning platform. Clear Measure implemented Octopus Deploy to streamline code deployments, enable consistent web/app server build configuration into change control, facilitate web server management and ease server replacement. The result for Vector was improved overall AWS system availability and decreased maintenance time. The automation of server provisioning and configuration also decreased build times by 85% and improved system continuity and availability. Read the case study.

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