Microsoft Gold Partner

Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to help you achieve excellence in the continuous delivery of software your employees and customers rely on every day. The Azure DevOps consulting, implementation and migration expertise we provide will maximize the capabilities of your Microsoft-centric development and DevOps teams.

Octopus Deploy

Clear Measure has extensive experience managing automated Octopus deployments via consulting, implementation, and support and we are Octopus Deploy’s official U.S. partner for delivery. Therefore, we can help with Octopus Deploy to make it the deployment automation server for your entire team so you can simplify your application release and deployment processes on-premises and in the cloud.


We are a consulting partner with JetBrains and specialize in TeamCity and ReSharper. Both are robust development tools for .Net software that enable continuous, out-of-the-box integration.


Database DevOps is a critical part of a completely automated deployment. As an implementation and consulting partner specializing in SQL Change Automation (ReadyRoll) and automated database migrations, we can help you create IT solutions that accelerate software application development and delivery, and aid compliance with data protection regulations.

For information about help with Octopus Deploy or software application development contact us.