Azure Consulting and Cloud Migration

Do you need help moving complex business systems into the cloud to achieve greater levels of operational efficiency, stability and security.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can simplify your transition to Microsoft Azure.

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What is Azure Consulting and Cloud Migration?

Modify and migrate existing systems and data into the cloud

Clear Measure’s Azure Consulting and Cloud Migration service is a quick option to understand exactly what is necessary to move a particular Microsoft-platform custom system into the Microsoft cloud along with an actionable plan for doing so.

Solution for:

  • Aging hardware
  • Increasing data center maintenance costs
  • Specific topology of existing systems


Many businesses are struggling with what to do with aging hardware or increasing costs and complexity of maintaining their own data center. While the cloud promises to commoditize a whole category of data center and system management, moving a custom business system to a cloud data center is a big challenge.

Existing systems were designed with a specific topology in mind. It’s different in the cloud. Existing systems have integrations with other systems on the network and elsewhere. These must be designed differently in the cloud. And daily operations are counting on the stability and performance of these systems, so a misstep in the transition can be costly.


Clear Measure is an expert software engineering consulting firm. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have helped many customers move existing complex business systems into Microsoft Azure and related hosted services.

We understand how to design the to-be environment architecture as well as the plan that will move a system through the necessary transitional states to get there. To fully understand your systems and goals, we will design a comprehensive to-be architecture for the system running in the appropriate Microsoft Azure services.

Finally, we will then present a complete plan on how to execute the migration, including what we will do and what your part of the migration must include. We will not only perform the analysis and planning, but we will provide some concrete pricing options for you to choose from if you decide to have us perform the migration for you rather than executing it yourself. Options will always include the full range from merely advising and coaching to the complete migration.


Customers are provided with a written analysis complete with findings and recommendations to be implemented. A to-be system and environment architecture are created once the migration is complete. The plan for executing the migration of the system into the Microsoft cloud with designated milestones will be documented. Customers are also provided with a guarantee that their team and staff will be able to independently implement many of the recommendations on their own.

What you can expect

  • Written analysis complete with findings and recommendations
  • To-be system and environment architecture once the migration is complete
  • A written plan for executing the migration of the system into the Microsoft cloud
  • Guarantee that your team and staff will independently be able to implement some of our recommendations
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