DevOps Acceleration

Continuous Delivery using the Clear Measure approach simplifies automated deployments

We are vetted, premiere partners of Azure DevOps (Microsoft VSTS), JetBrains TeamCity, Redgate, and Octopus Deploy. Our proven DevOps implementation gets you automated in weeks, not months, and we know Microsoft technologies through and through!

By establishing a consistent build automation and release process, you reduce your frustration and lost productivity. The results of this are easy and reliable deployments and a surge of productivity so your team can keep up with the needs of the business.

Every day, millions of developers use .NET to build and operate mission-critical software systems for organizations around the world. Visual Studio, .NET, and Windows Server, whether on-premise or in Azure, provide astounding capabilities that enable any kind of software. The marketplace has scores of books, online courses, and tutorials teaching every technology framework and language feature and Microsoft’s online documentation is broad and comprehensive. The Microsoft platform, along with the marketplaces, extensions, and packages has a building block for everything you can imagine. BUT, it is completely up to you to put it all the blocks together in just the right way for YOUR environment. Clear Measure seeks to change this.

Along with documentation, open-source projects, and samples, there does not exist any available end-to-end demonstration of a complete DevOps environment. Many have sought such a reference implementation. With a reference implementation, teams could emulate the patterns demonstrated and perform configuration rather than research and development in this area. And while tutorials and online videos exist, they demonstrate part of the solution and don’t provide access to any functional implementation that can be evaluated and copied.

We have developed the model for a world-class DevOps environment when working with Microsoft technologies. And while variances in tools, language, or requirements will change the needed implementation, the DevOps model we excitedly share is the architecture for the working environment for your team. Modify parts of it as you see fit, but the architecture will enable all your teams and all your applications to accelerate build automation, improve performance and push forward through the next decade.

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