.NET DevOps Boot Camp

This boot camp simplifies the process to its 7 key steps and immerses the students in the .NET DevOps world.

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About the Training
Implementing and operating a DevOps environment for .NET applications can be complex. This bootcamp simplifies the process to its 7 key steps and immerses the students in the .NET DevOps world.

Based on the book, .NET DevOps for Azure by Jeffrey Palermo, this class is aimed at seasoned professionals at the lead engineer or software architect level. Students will learn and implement a complete DevOps environment and take back working knowledge and hands-on experience.

Taught personally by Jeffrey Palermo, students will learn concepts, apply the learning and also implement the latest DevOps tools for Microsoft-based applications, including Azure DevOps Services, Git, Azure Pipelines, Azure PaaS environments, and Octopus Deploy.

Attendees also receive:

  • A free print and digital copy of Jeffrey’s book, .NET DevOps for Azure
  • A free, post-training follow-up consultation with Jeffrey
  • 50% discount off the retail price of a 30-Point DevOps Inspection for your application

Date & Time
Thursday & Friday, January 16 & 17, 2020
8AM – 5PM both days

T-Werx Coworking – Four Points
10815 Ranch Rd 2222 Bldg 3B #100
Austin, TX 78730

  • DevOps Architecture Overview & the 3 Ways of DevOps
  • Process and tracking work
  • Version control architecture & decomposition
  • Private builds & continuous integration builds
  • DevOps quality and defect detection
  • Release management
  • Repeatable automated deployments
  • Auto provisioning of environments (infrastructure as code – IaC)
  • Runtime observability, logs, and telemetry
  • Large system, layered pipelines
  • DevOps automation for legacy systems
  • Applied DevOps scenarios (micro-services, desktop applications, offline/non-real-time deployments, etc)