Setting Up Octopus Deploy

Are you planning to automate deployments but need help setting up Octopus Deploy?

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We will help you launch and configure your processes so you can start enjoying the benefits of automated deployments such as:

  • Simplify complex deployment processes so you can easily manage software releases and application deployments on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Intuitive dashboard shows you and your team what has been deployed where, and if deployments were successful.
  • Improve production quality control, and ensure releases have been tested prior to launch.
  • Schedule future deployments and avoid promoting broken releases.
  • Ensure that deployments are as consistent between environments, so you can be confident products will work once when you are ready to go to production.

With over 30 years of combined experience, you can leverage our partnerships with Octopus Deploy and Microsoft to help you effectively automate your software deployments.

Octopus Deploy
Microsoft Gold Partner

Octopus Deploy Integrated with Azure DevOps Services and Azure Logical Architecture poster

Would you like a copy of our Octopus poster?

We have a very detailed architectural poster we’d like to give you. It breaks out each of the seven critical pieces of an automated DevOps pipeline and shows where Octopus Deploy fits in and where it integrates. This will be perfect if you are in the midst of designing your automated DevOps pipeline.

This DevOps Poster was made to empower you and your team. You probably already know that here at Clear Measure, we are a huge Octopus Deploy partner. We’ve helped countless teams integrate it into their DevOps environment. That’s because here at Clear Measure, we are a DevOps Centered Software Engineering company specializing in Microsoft and cloud platforms. Our goal for you is that you run world-class software. And to do that, you need to be equipped.

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Getting all the moving parts to work together in your CI/CD pipeline can be overwhelming. We can help.

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