Software Implementation

Managing a software implementation process is a big challenge for many companies because there are so many variables. Understanding user requirements, selecting the right application, planning the rollout, installation and configuration, integrating with legacy systems, user deployment, change management, and the list goes on.

You have a talented development team that has amazing talent, energy, and commitment. By unleashing their capabilities with an automated DevOps environment, you can deliver world-class software on time and within budget. However, failure to plan effectively and manage and support the software requirements and deployment processes can result in delays, wasted time, disappointed users and a failed implementation.

We have a successful track record of implementing automated DevOps environments and managing application implementations in companies in a variety of industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and IT services. Therefore, we can help you manage the entire process including:

  • Defining software requirements
  • Selecting software
  • Planning software implementation
  • System architecture and network planning
  • Installing and configuring software
  • Managing systems integration and interface design
  • Application development and custom report writing
  • Pilot testing and production deployment
  • User training and delivery and support
  • Managing organizational change
  • Post-deployment reviews

Contact us to learn how you can streamline your software implementation process or request a conversation.