“Over these last five years of working with them, I’ve come to rely on them as a critical part of my organization. The great value in our relationship with Clear Measure is its two-way nature. We rely on them for feedback, ideas, and creativity, how better to serve our customers.

“As we move forward, we get a lot of flexibility out of the relationship, as well. They can scale up or scale down as we need to. They can bring in expertise that we don’t have access to and, as we think about new product lines and new features for customers, they are always a part of that conversation. Their expertise has been invaluable to us.” — Brian Conneen, Marlette Funding, CEO

Software Engineering & Application Support

They could really deliver what we were looking for.

Because of Clear Measure, we’re now going to create an Android and iPhone app for the customer which will really smooth out the process.
– Jim Beaver
HaloCar, CEO
DevOps Implementation

“As a result of our engagement with Clear Measure, we’ve saved hours each week of developer time. We are able to deploy several times a day to multiple environments and going forward we’re going to better position ourselves as a department to provide better tools that are solutions for our internal users who in turn can better serve our clients and that’s what we do best.” — Mike Luka, Money Management International, Software Architect

biBERK invited Clear Measure as a trusted partner to help oversee a relationship with a new vendor.

Through collaboration and strategy sessions, Clear Measure was able to model leadership behavior to assist biBERK’s team in managing organizational change. Clear Measure created an automated pipeline to assist with the timing and frequency of deployments and to reduce risk and errors.

“There has been a tremendous lasting effect. We engaged them to help us with a specific product and what I got back was a way of thinking and way of running our entire development process that has literally changed how I approach development, how our company approaches development, and it has given us a benefit that will last decades as this system goes through its life cycle.” — Chris Gibson, Popp | Hutcheson, CEO

Software Development & Support

They have a sincere desire to meet the needs of the client.

It means a lot. I’ve worked with other vendors where their ego was much bigger than working with the client.
– Jan Kearbey
VP of Marketing & Sales, Service Lloyds
Cloud Migration

Clear Measure helps you get the most from your dev team and DevOps processes. Hear how they helped ShoWorks as Microsoft Gold Partners for Cloud and DevOps – they’re the leading Azure DevOps consultants.

The problem? Their team needs next-generation skills and tools to compete. They find it harder and harder to keep up, or to find and retain top IT talent. Clear Measure provides client teams with a clear way forward helping identify and fix the process or skills gaps that cause business disruptions.

They can bring in expertise that we don’t have access to.

As we think about new product lines and new features for customers, they are always a part of that conversation. Their expertise has been invaluable to us.
– Brian Conneen
Marlette Funding, CEO

“We chose Clear Measure because we thought they could really deliver what we were looking for. There was an early win with Clear Measure, and it has to do with data analytics built into our software. The problem was the banks have their own set of data and the dealerships have their own set of data. With our software engineering through Clear Measure, we’re able to combine them, look at a complete cycle time and best manage the entire process.

“I liked everybody that I worked with: the project manager, the programmers, everyone in accounting. They were all great people, and they were easy to work with. The thing about it I really liked is they understood our process. Sure, we had maps and functional requirements, but they were able to look at what we were doing and software engineer the program so that it gives the end users exactly what they were looking for.” — Jim Beaver, HaloCar, CEO

New Product Launch, Architecture & Jumpstart