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The Top 3 Signs You Need to Update Your Custom Software

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If your custom software built on Microsoft technologies no longer performs to your expectations, it might be time for you to upgrade your business software solution. Your custom software should work for you, not against you, and holding off on a needed revision can prevent your company from realizing its full potential. However, while you may be tempted to toss your outdated and inefficient programs, it may be more efficient to update them instead. Through smart legacy software modernization, you can bring your business up to speed for less than it would cost for a total system rewrite. If your business is experiencing the following three problems, it is time for you to look into modernizing your business software.

1. Your software is slow and fails to perform to your expectations

Software systems that are slow to complete standard tasks may need to be replaced. While you might not think it’s a huge issue to have to wait a couple minutes while performing a simple task, consider how much time your business may be losing overall. If you have 50 employees and each one is experiencing five minutes of lag time each day, that is equivalent to losing a little more than four hours of productivity each day. Over a year’s time, your company would lose 1,087 work hours wasted on processing time.

2. Your software is not doing everything that you need it to do

As your business grows, it will reach a time when the initial custom software it relied upon will no longer work for all of the business’s needs. If you find that your employees are having to complete extra tasks to take care of things that your software is simply not able to do, it may be time to modernize. In addition, as the amounts of data that your business uses increases, your custom software should be able to handle that increased data. Does your aging software integrate well with other apps, providers and systems you use? If not, it might be worth an update. And, of course, if employees have to do things like manual data re-entry to work around limitations of your custom software, clearly your business is not running at its optimal efficiency.

3. Increasing costs of software maintenance and operation

If you are spending increasing amounts of money to try to maintain your software and to integrate it with other systems, it may be time to find expert help. While preventative maintenance is normal, trying to constantly maintain your software in a piecemeal manner is not. When you’re spending more and more time and money maintaining your software, just trying to keep it running, it may be time for a larger modernization plan.

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