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How traditional companies should confront technology change

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As you check your daily news source each morning, you are reminded that the world is moving at what almost seems like the speed of thought. You can hardly keep up with all of the latest developments in the world of software and technology.

Now I consider myself to be a fairly early adopter when it comes to technology, but even I am left amazed at how fast the market evolves today.

One thing I have noticed lately is how the Cloud has become a major enabler of technology disruption across virtually every industry, including many traditional industries.

The question of whether to adapt to the changes sweeping American business is no longer open to debate. If you don’t change and improve, you will most likely perish, sooner rather than later.

Disruption is a process, not an event

But the real question to focus on is whether you will also be a technology disrupter to your own industry. I don’t use the term disrupter casually here. It’s a loaded term nowadays. There are those breakthrough technologies we’ve all seen, like when the iPhone came on the scene nearly 10 years ago and radically changed how we interact with the web, not to mention each other.

There are also breakthrough models that apply technology to drive greater levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction and even profit margins. Just look at what Uber has done to the taxi industry, which we can all agree was ripe for disruption.

But what about your company in your industry? Do you have to pull a rabbit out of a magic hat to achieve disruption?

The simple answer is no!

Being disruptive in your industry means never being satisfied with where you are, how you perform, and how you are perceived. Disruption is fed by continuous development, tinkering and never-ending feedback.

The mighty iPhone was not born in a technology vacuum, after all. Before it arrived on the scene the iPod (or the Sony Walkman if you really want to go old school!) and handheld productivity devices like Palm Pilots had been around for years.

No, I’m not saying you have to be the Uber of your industry and turn it upside down to be a true disrupter. For many companies, especially ones in traditional industries, making a paradigm shift is neither practical nor wise.

Ignoring change is far riskier than making a change

But waiting too long to pull the trigger on technology can have grave consequences. At Clear Measure we have learned that many companies running custom developed software often wait until the pain is so great they are, for all intents and purposes, forced to upgrade technology.

Not surprisingly, that is when they are at their most vulnerable to disruption. And to catastrophic failure. Perishing, however, need not be the inevitable outcome for traditional companies that have fallen behind on software and technology.

We advocate a phased approach to turning our customers into disruptive juggernauts. The high risk approach is to throw out perfectly good legacy software and cut over to a brand new solution. It’s the kind of bet you make at 3am at a Las Vegas roulette table when you’re $20,000 in the hole and just went double or bust.

Far better is the approach that triages the most pressing weaknesses of a custom software solution. At Clear Measure, we fix any broken processes. We patch and update all Microsoft apps and software operating in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Disruption as the new norm

Then we begin mapping out the technology vision that will lead you to become a disrupter in your industry. What does it look like, how can it be scaled efficiently, what is the projected ROI? Are there competitors already attempting to disrupt the industry? If so, how can we counter their actions and reset the technology odds in your favor?

Finally, we don’t just sit around thinking up fancy technology solutions. We implement a software development methodology that emphasizes continuous innovation, improvement and support. We partner with you to keep your technology advantage because you have to stay on the leading edge of technology, even in traditional industries, in order to be a winner.

In a mere 3-6 months, depending upon your circumstances, you can go from left-behind to way-ahead.

Disrupt or perish? The question is yours to answer, but we can help supply a few facts if you want to reach out to us for a quick call.

Just click here and we’ll get started!

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