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Why Outsource Software Development Locally

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If your company needs to create a new piece of software or refurbish an older legacy system, you may be deciding whether you’ll produce the software in-house or outsource software development to an outside contractor. In many cases, hiring a local software company for your outsourced project can provide a variety of benefits from a quicker development time to a lower overall cost.

Outsourcing Gets Your Project Running Quickly

If your company doesn’t already have an in-house software development team, you’ll need to locate, hire and train a dedicated team to begin working on your project. Even after you’ve hired your team, they’ll still need to spend time learning how to delegate responsibility for maximum effectiveness, and acquire the necessary equipment and other resources you’ll need for your project.

On the other hand, a dedicated software development contractor will likely have all of the key personnel in place already. They are well equipped to support your software development project and can quickly set up a collaborative development environment in the Cloud so you have 100% visibility into their progress. Your outsourcing partner will be able to begin work faster, reduce development time and bring your project to market sooner than an internal team.

Outsourcing Saves Money and Reduces Waste

In case you haven’t figured out already, experienced software developers are expensive to recruit, hire, retain and replace. Making room in your budget for a full salary and benefits package for a team of software developers is a daunting proposition to say the least. If you don’t anticipate needing your full software development team after your project is finished, you’ll essentially have to write off all the costs of starting up your team and then let many of them go once it’s completed. Additionally, recruiting a software developer for a short-term project is more difficult and expensive than hiring an employee who expects long-term employment.

If you work with an outside software development firm, however, you will never have to worry about finding the workers or paying to recruit them. You’ll only need to pay the firm for its workers’ labor while they’re working on your project. You also won’t need to worry about administering benefits, recruiting fees, training costs; your responsibility is limited to paying the invoices that the software firm sends you.

Working with a Local Software Company Reduces the Hassle of Outsourcing

From time to time, there can be drawbacks to outsourcing software development, especially if you use a non-local third party contractor; your ability to see progress on the project is limited to the progress reports your software partner sends you, and you may not be able to quickly change direction if your needs change. If your outsourcing firm is located overseas, you may struggle to communicate effectively and will have to deal with time zone differences.

Bottom-line: If your company needs to produce a piece of software, think twice before you start posting job openings for software developers or looking at offshore contractors. Working with a local software development company gives you the benefits of outsourcing without many of the risks associated with using a remote third party developer.

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