Software projects are hard.

Yours doesn’t have to be.

Get immediate feedback on how you are establishing quality, achieving stability, and increasing your team’s speed.

Establish Quality

Everyone expects bugs. There’s a reason why people don’t launch software on a Friday. Our process improves quality.

Achieve Stability

Everyone expects to babysit their software. Our team will guide yours through obstacles and empower them to run with confidence.

Increase Speed

Everyone expects software projects to have delays. Our process will help you get your projects done on time.

Our processes, tools, and resources are empowering countless development teams all around the world.

Marlette Funding CIO, Brian Conneen

Marlette Funding

“This is not a one-way relationship where we just bark orders and they fulfill them. They provide feedback and creative ideas on how to better serve our customers. We get a lot of flexibility as they can scale as needed and bring an expertise that we don’t have. As we think about new product lines and new features, they will always be a part of that conversation.”

ShoWorks CEO, Mike Hnatt


“I recall the very first project meeting with Clear Measure and the best way I could describe it was like walking into the NASA flight operations room and having an entire team of the best minds and talents in the industry at your disposal, ready to engage in solving the problem and it was a very comforting experience.”

MMI Software Architect, Mike Luka

Money Management International ↗

“As a result of our engagement with Clear Measure we’ve saved hours each week of developer time. We are able to deploy several times a day to multiple environments and going forward we’re going to be able to better position ourselves as a department to provide better tools that are solutions for our internal users who in turn can better serve our clients and that’s what we do best.”

How can we serve you?

Fractional Software Leadership

  • Retain committed software architecture expertise
  • Align your core business objectives with the 5 major pillars of successful software delivery
  • Define your deliverables

Software Project Jumpstart

  • Decrease time-to-market for your next project
  • Get started quickly using the latest tools and technology
  • Avoid learning curve mistakes

Deployment Implementation

  • Improve production quality control
  • Schedule future deployments and avoid broken releases
  • Ensure deployments are consistent between environments
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