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Struggling with Business-Critical Software Projects?

When failure is not an option,
Clear Measure delivers success.

Discover software development excellence with Clear Measure.

Our most popular services include:

Fractional Software Architect

CTO or

Accelerate your technology initiatives at a fraction of the cost.

30-Point Software Inspections


Identify the areas of improvement and the steps your team can take to deliver quality.

Azure Cloud Consulting


Modify and migrate existing systems and data into the cloud.

Custom Software Development


Remove the uncertainty and keep critical software running smooth.

We specialize in software consulting and delivering solutions that align with your strategic goals. Our DevOps engineering consultants are committed to your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Experience The Clear Measure Way with our cutting-edge approach to software development and operational excellence.

Assess Your Current Situation

Determine how you measure up against the principles and practices defined in the Clear Measure Way™.

We believe every team can succeed when trained, equipped, and led properly.

The Clear Measure Way Assessment is intended for CIOs, CTOs, VPs, and other software leaders who are serious about improving their software delivery. Our team of software engineers and DevOps consultants equip you with the tools and insights you need.

Based on all the advancements in the software industry, the Clear Measure Way simplifies and synthesizes known practices in a manner any software team can implement.

Clarity will allow you to identify the opportunities for your software delivery to be executed with excellence, establishing quality, achieving stability, and increasing speed.

It's the Clear Measure Way™

Ensure successful business growth when you infuse our proven methodology into your software projects. We will empower you as a Leader to create Clarity, establish Quality, achieve Stability, and increase Speed.

From chaos to order, Clear Measure is the difference between a failed or successful software project.











Fast-Track Your Software Development Success

Stop Struggling – Get a 10x Faster Path to Software success with Our Expert-Guided approach. If you want to jump ahead and have urgent or unique needs, schedule a discovery call with us and we will tailor a solution for you. Schedule Your Free Call Today (Limited Spots Available). When failure is not an option, we guarantee your success.
For Busy Software Leaders

Software Engineers and DevOps Consultant Services

Total Software Inspection

Identify the areas of improvement and the steps
your team can take to move faster.
$ 9700
  • Infrastructure
  • Source Control
  • Team Practices
  • Integration Build
  • Release Management
  • Deployments
  • Runtime Observability
  • Code, Data, Databases

Fractional CTO

Value. Experience. Leadership.
At a fraction of the cost.
Call Us
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Oversight
  • Inspections
  • Recommendations
  • Executive Reviews
  • Telemetry & Snapshot Reports
  • Identify Areas for Improvement
  • Advise on the Implementation of Solutions
  • Training
  • Templates
  • Hiring Assistance

Software Leaders’ Assessment

Empower your team to be effective with software delivery: moving fast with high quality.
  • Assess: Purpose, Team, Quality, Stability and Speed
  • Baseline Scoring
  • Personal Clear Measure Architect Debrief
  • Highlight Areas of Improvement and Reflection
  • Thoughtful Recommendations
  • Celebrate Competencies
  • Access to Additional Resources

How Executives Lead Effective Software Teams

Play Video about Proven System for Executives to Painlessly Strengthen Software Delivery

The key to successful software development starts with establishing and communicating a clear business purpose, and building an expert team with the right skills, that is equipped with the right tools.

At Clear Measure, we establish quality, achieve software stability, and leverage those to maintain and increase speed.

Our focus on proven engineering practices over rigid processes, means success in meeting user needs and business requirements.


The Proven System to Lead Effective Software Teams


The Proven System to Lead Effective Software Teams

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