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.NET DevOps for Architects: A 7-week webinar series.

DevOps is complex. As a software architect, you have so many factors to think about. We’ve simplified it for you. This 7-week webinar series moves through the key elements of any .NET DevOps architecture, simplifying it down to its essence and communicating it clearly. Sign up for this webinar series so that you can guide your team to project and development success.

The webinar series is as follows:

Previous Webinars:

Below are some recordings of some previous webinars. Please visit our YouTube channel to view more.

.NET DevOps for Architects:
#1 DevOps Architecture & Tool Choices

.NET DevOps for Architects:
#2 Version Control Architecture

.NET DevOps for Architects:
#3 Private Builds

.NET DevOps for Architects:
#4 Continuous Integration Builds

NET DevOps for Architects:
#5 Release Management

NET DevOps for Architects:
#6 Automated Deployments

Safe, automated and drama-free database deployments – Database DevOps Q&A with Jeffrey and Paul

DevOps f{o}cused: A customer centric perspective aligning engineering strategy with customer success

Your Roadmap for a High-Speed, High-Quality DevOps Process

How DevOps can free your team from painful, disruptive deployments

Bringing DevOps to SQL Development with Red-Gate SQL Change Automation

The Right Way to Integrate Octopus Deploy with Azure Pipelines

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