Your Total DevOps and Software Inspection

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DevOps Consultants deliver a comprehensive inspection of your team and software systems.

“Our Total Software Inspection will identify gaps and make recommendations to empower your team to be effective with software delivery: moving fast with high quality.”

Jeffrey Palermo, Clear Measure Chief Architect

A software consultant completes a Total Software Inspection including a comprehensive inspection of your team, DevOps environment, and software system.  Final deliverables include a detailed assessment, thoughtful recommendations, and concise next steps of what to do next to make certain you have an effective software team.

Total Software Consultant Inspection will include the 7 areas of the 30-Point DevOps Inspection:

  • Infrastructure
  • Source control
  • Private build
  • Integration build
  • Release management
  • Deployments
  • Runtime observability


  • Code
  • Data & Databases
  • Team

Total Software Inspection

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