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Octopus Deploy
Platform Engineer Planning

Training  |  Strategy  |  Planning

7 Hours of Training for Your Team Created Specifically for Octopus Deploy Enterprise Customers.

“There isn't anything Octopus can't deploy. But if automated DevOps is new to your team, make sure to plan your platform engineering properly. Empower your team to establish quality, achieve stability, and increase speed of delivery.”

Jeffrey Palermo, Clear Measure Chief Architect

Octopus Deploy Platform Engineer Planning will equip your team to plan your platform engineering right from day one using Octopus Deploy Enterprise.

It’s true that for simple application environments, there are many choices for deploying and operating your custom .NET software. But you chose Octopus Deploy because you have specific, complex scenarios that require enterprise power and support.

There is no substitute for the enterprise power of Octopus Deploy. It supports every scenario you’ll ever need.

Created specifically for Octopus Deploy Enterprise customers – schedule to include those in your staff who might be new to the product or to automated deployments in general.

A Clear Measure architect will facilitate a day-long planning session that includes how Octopus fits into your overall DevOps platform, the proper setup, how it integrates with your build server, options for code release strategies, and some common mistakes to avoid.

We also go over various deployment types, patterns for modern cloud environments, and how to uplevel your production operations processes.

  • 7-Hour Training for Your Team
  • Build Server Integration
  • Code Release Strategies
  • Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Deployment Types
  • Cloud Environments
  • Best Practices
  • Proper Setup
  • Do DevOps Right

Your team will come out of it with a plan for setting up Octopus Deploy and a process architecture for one of your actual applications to be deployed and operated properly.

Clear Measure is Octopus Deploy’s North American consulting partner, and we’re here to make sure you get off on the right foot. We are a specialized software architecture company empowering in-house software teams delivering custom software using the Microsoft platform.

Our day of platform engineering planning helps you identify the right path from the beginning. Go deep. Prevent missteps.

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