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Team Alignment
and Scorecard Templates

Bring clarity to your organization’s goals and establish direction for your entire software team.

After assessing your team’s software delivery effectiveness, it’s time for team alignment

The Team Alignment Template empowers you to bring clarity to the software team. It will identify the following as it relates to your project:

  • Team’s purpose
  • Expected targets and milestones
  • Who the team is intended to serve
  • What themes of delivering business quality will be prioritized in what order
  • Basis for decision-making and interactions amongst team members and stakeholders.
  • … and many others
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Let's Begin by Assessing Your Current Situation

“We want to help you along your journey toward effective software delivery. Let us guide your team through obstacles and empower your team to be effective, self-sufficient, and world-class.”
Jeffrey Palermo
Jeffrey Palermo
Chief Architect & Founder

Drive Impactful Changes with the Scorecard

Tracking successes and identifying issues quickly is a key part of leading a software team to success. Measuring metrics on a regular basis and reviewing with consistency in a regular cadence allows trends to be identified.

The data elements included in the Scorecard Template are the minimum standards for software teams according to the Clear Measure Way.

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What’s Stopping Your Software Team from Being Effective?

If you want to establish quality, achieve stability, and increase speed to market, you first need to assess current processes, technologies, and team dynamics. Take the Effective Software Team Assessment now to see where your need to focus.

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