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30-Point Inspection

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Ensure your Octopus Deploy environment is empowering your development team.

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“Our 30-Point Octopus Deploy inspection will identify gaps and make recommendations to set up Octopus Deploy properly so that your team can establish quality and achieve stability to increase the speed of your software delivery.”

Jeffrey Palermo, Clear Measure Chief Architect

Octopus Deploy 30-Point Inspection is a tremendous enabler of a team’s productivity and quality levels – with streamlined, hands-off automated deployments.

Get an inspection that checks the attributes of an Octopus Deploy-based DevOps environment across 7 different categories:

  • Infrastructure
  • Source Control
  • Private Build
  • Integration Build
  • Release Management
  • Deployments
  • Runtime Observability

You can expect to be contacted by Clear Measure to move forward with scheduling your inspection. The inspection will include:

  • Stage 1: Introductory Call
    • The Clear Measure Inspector will meet with the individual(s) that oversee the Octopus Deploy installation on your team, as well as the person in charge of the team to provide an overview of what to expect and schedule future interactions.
  • Stage 2: Inspection
    • The Clear Measure Inspector will meet with your engineer(s) to review your instance of Octopus Deploy via screen share.
  • Stage 3: Inspection Briefing
    • A comprehensive report will be presented inclusive of:
      • Ratings based on the 30-Point Inspection,
      • Findings, and
      • Recommendations.

Clear Measure will always spend as much time answering questions as needed and appropriate follow-up to ensure a complete understanding of your report.

Octopus Deploy 30-Point Inspection

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