Software and DevOps Services

DevOps Implementation

Are you spending more time on deployment than software development? Our DevOps consulting experience includes the implementation of hundreds of development pipelines. We also specialize in Microsoft technologies such as Azure, C#, .NET and SQL Server and are premiere partners of Azure DevOps (Microsoft VSTS), JetBrains TeamCity, Redgate, and Octopus Deploy. So, we can use our proven DevOps processes to get you up, running and automated in weeks, not months. Learn more.

Custom Software Development

If you have a business need that off-the-shelf software cannot solve, we can help you and your team develop a custom application that will bridge the gap between your business and your clients and increase productivity by enabling senior management to take the guesswork out of business decision-making. Learn more.

Legacy Software Modernization

Your software may be old, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has no value. If you have or have inherited a mission-critical business computer system, need help with ongoing system maintenance and changes, or need to update workaround processes, we can help. We will modernize your legacy Microsoft-based custom systems for a fraction of what it would take to rebuild them and help you improve system availability and reliability. Learn more

Software Project Jumpstarts

New software design projects are exciting but can be stressful if the venture is larger than your team has built before. If management is pushing you to outsource development but you want to keep it in-house, you need to equip your team with the tools and support they need to succeed. We can use the latest technology to help you jumpstart your new project, accelerate the learning curve and avoid mistakes. Learn more.

Software Development Team Building

Do you want to take your development team to the next level? Are you building a new software engineering team for a new product or company? We know Microsoft-based custom software and have the expertise to help you build a top-flight software development team so you can build strategic capability from the inside out instead of using a dev shop. Learn more.

Azure Consulting and Cloud Migration

Do you want to reduce CAPEX and OPEX by migrating Microsoft-based systems and data to Azure? We can help you ease the transition since we are a Microsoft Gold Partner. Unlike Azure resellers, we are software engineers who understand your .Net systems and know the requirements for a seamless cloud migration that will scale to meet your business needs. Learn more.

Architecture and Design

The foundation of good software development is a good architecture and design. Since a large project can be overwhelming, development work is normally divided into smaller pieces to make the project easier to manage. Once the pieces are defined, perfected and tested, a DevOps consultant specifies the requirements to build the system or solution. Learn more.


Training and knowledge transfer are included in every project to ensure your team can move fast, build smart and run with confidence. We also offer immersive DevOps, Octopus Deploy and Agile classroom training for organizations that want to ramp up software development, help development team members improve or enhance their skills, or learn a new application or platform. Training sessions are held at your location and provide hands-on experience that developers can benefit from immediately. Learn more.

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