Software Project Jumpstarts

As a software architect, you probably agree that new software projects are exciting, but can also be stressful. The new system may be larger than your team has built before.

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You may not be sure you have the right technology tools to manage the software development process efficiently. You could be anxious because you are not confident that your team has the right skills or experience level.

Management peers are likely pushing you to outsource development. However, given your experience as a software architect, you probably know, first-time outsourced projects normally fail due to poor communication and quality issues. Besides, cost overruns and reworking requirements often mean you end up paying considerably than the amount you were quoted.

It is possible to manage the software development process  for your new project internally if you equip your team for success by providing them with the technology tools and training and identify and resolve knowledge and training “gaps.” Doing this will help you:

  • Jumpstart your project and decrease time-to-market
  • Get started quickly on the right track using the latest in technology and tools
  • Avoid learning curve mistakes
  • Empower your team to move fast and build smart
  • Upgrade your entire team’s skill level
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