As we reap the fruits of integrating build automation into our software projects, I was asked if we can apply the same concepts to business intelligence.

Azure App Configuration helps you manage application settings and feature flags.

Learn how you can create stored procedures and add them to your EF migrations.

You can feel pretty good about any given deployment after your application self-check runs.

Though it can be one of the most feared actions a software company makes, don’t be afraid to automate software deployments.

The rise of the DevOps team methodology in modern software development has had a profound effect on application security in both good and bad ways.

Adding code coverage to your CI build is as simple as adding a new task to your build script.

Learn about the PowerShell tab-completion feature and how Register-ArgumentCompleter gives you more control over app development and management.

Learn how to use the PowerShell tab-completion feature to create dynamic parameters that change the values for tab completion at runtime.

Software debugging can be difficult and stressful, but centralized logging can help.

Have you used Cypress for E2E testing or acceptance testing? It does the same browser-centric testing as Selenium, but it runs in your code loop.

Writing and maintaining a README file for your internal projects.