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Octopus Deploy

Investing in Octopus Deploy’s automated deployments is an easy decision.

Getting Octopus Deploy installed and configured can be just as easy.


A consulting practice dedicated to Octopus Deploy Customers​

After more than 8 years of working intimately with Octopus Deploy, Clear Measure has officially launched a consulting practice dedicated to Octopus Deploy Customers.

Through this partnership, Clear Measure will serve Octopus Deploy customers seeking to equip their teams with understanding of deployment types, patterns for modern cloud environments,  and implementing best practices to uplevel their production operation processes.

This partnership brings together Clear Measure’s capabilities and experience of working with customers to maximize their software delivery through establishing quality, achieving stability, and increasing speed. And this means, automating deployments with the top industry product offered by Octopus Deploy.

Clear Measure, Inc offers a variety of Octopus Deploy inspections, jumpstarts, trainings, and orientations to meet the needs of basic licensees and enterprise licensees.

[Press Release] Clear Measure Partners with Octopus Deploy to Accelerate the Time to Value for Deployment Automation

Octopus Deploy Offerings

Are you currently using Octopus Deploy?

No                   Yes


2-hour Training and Walkthrough
  • Proper Setup
  • Build Server Integration
  • Best Practices
  • Deployment Types
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Do Ops Right
  • Code Release Strategies

Platform Engineering

7-hour Tailored Training and Planning
$ 2000
  • Everything in Orientation
  • Day of Platform Engineer Planning
  • Complex Scenario Walkthrough
  • Enterprise Level Training
  • Advanced Code Release Strategies
  • Process Architecture Planning
  • Training for your entire team
  • Tailored Plan for One of Your Applications
  • Modern Cloud Environment Patterns


Configure Your First Project
$ 5000
  • Decrease Time-to-Market
  • Avoid learning curve mistakes
  • Upstream Configuration
  • Curated Visual Studio Application Skeleton
  • SQL Server db + 3 Levels of Test Suites
  • Cross-Training Presentation to Your Team

Cloud Migration Planning

For Complex Environments
$ 8000
  • Upgrade Your Software with Confidence
  • Analysis of Existing Octopus Deploy Instance
  • Remove Inherent Risks
  • Analysis of Software Being Deployed
  • Sequencing of Major Migration
  • Analysis of Environments Being Deployed
  • Prioritizing Doing DevOps Right


Detailed 30-Point Inspection
$ 5000
  • Introductory Call
  • Octopus Deploy Instance Review
  • Inspection Across 7 Categories
  • Ratings based on the 30-Point Inspection
  • Q&A Session
  • Enabler of Your Team’s Productivity
  • Inspection Briefing
  • Documentation of Findings & Recommendations

Pro-Level Training

Ideal for Existing Licensees
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  • Tailored Plan for Multiple Applications
  • Everything from Platform Engineering
  • Complex Scenario Walkthrough
  • Advanced Code Release Strategies
  • Enterprise-Level Training
  • Training for Your Entire Team
  • Modern Cloud Environment Patterns

Custom Octopus Deploy Offerings

If you have an existing license and have more specific needs, schedule a discovery call with us and we will tailor an offering for you. We can provide a Custom Jumpstart or Training, Assistance with Migration or Upgrading, or conduct a 30-Point Inspection.

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