Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized software engineering in numerous ways. AI algorithms and techniques have made it possible to automate various software development processes, such as testing, debugging, and deployment.

Though it can be one of the most feared actions a software company makes, don’t be afraid to automate software deployments.

The rise of the DevOps team methodology in modern software development has had a profound effect on application security in both good and bad ways.

Learn how to use the PowerShell tab-completion feature to create dynamic parameters that change the values for tab completion at runtime.

Writing and maintaining a README file for your internal projects.

There are common DevOps industry issues for all tech professional,though we all want the same thing: to deliver value to our customers.

Let’s look at some best practices to help secure internal applications while maintaining accessibility using a commonsense approach.

Learn how to safely upgrade from previous versions of .NET to .NET 6 preventing both build errors and runtime errors. The build errors can be easy to fixed.

The flexibility of Octpus Deploy can make even a bad process successful. Though these bad practices, and incorrect configurations can limit your scalability, and prevent you from getting the most out of the tool …

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